Duct Bank Spacers can be shipped nationwide or to your job site location for added convenience. Request a quote today.

TrenchSafe is now offering parts made with UL-certified material.

TrenchSafe Duct Spacers

You supply the material specifications, conduit spacing, hole size, and separation between duct runs, and we’ll provide quality service and swift turnaround at a reasonable price.

  • TrenchSafe is part of the largest distribution network in North America. With locations strategically placed across the US, TrenchSafe can provide delivery to any job quickly. WE ARE PROUD TO FABRICATE OUR PRODUCT IN THE US.

  • TrenchSafe prides itself on honesty, transparency, and customer service. We believe in treating our customers with respect and doing what it takes to make their jobs easier.

  • With over 20 years’ worth of construction knowledge, TrenchSafe can consult with customers and offer solutions to each job’s unique issues.

  • Not only does TrenchSafe offer custom duct spacers and custom bore spacers, but we can offer other types of plastic solutions that are needed by prefabrication shops or to complete different aspects of jobs.

Contractor Friendly

TrenchSafe uses reprocessed HDPE and offers a recycling program for HDPE and ABS.

Utility duct spacers with conduit duct arrays are hoisted by a crane
Duct spacers are shown in a warehouse with the holes that provide conduit or duct separation
Duct spacers or support duct arrays providing duct separation are shown in a warehouse with conduit tube
Underground duct bank spacers are shown in a warehouse with conduits installed ready for underground encasement


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“TrenchSafe is one of our most reliable vendors. They always provide us with timely service, quotes, and material. We would highly recommend.”
Mike W., Director of Corp. Development

“TrenchSafe provides accurate, reliable, honest service and lead times to help with scheduling. They also provide competitive pricing and fast turnarounds, highly recommended.”

Theron D. , Director of Fabrication
“Here at Shaw Electric Company we have been utilizing the custom built duct bank spaces supplied by Trenchsafe for multiple projects over the last 2 years. Service and quality provided by Trenchsafe has been top-notch for us in our fabrication needs.”
Brad T., Preconstruction Director


Duct Bank Spacers are used to maintain conduit spacing during installation of underground telecommunications, utilities, and power lines (duct banks).  They also help support the conduits to prevent slumping / bowing, reducing friction caused when pulling the telecom, utility, and power line.  

They often are concrete encased to prevent future diggers from accidentally hitting, cutting, or damaging them.  When they are concrete encased, they require rebar and forming to help support the concrete (slurry).  Concrete encasement is especially important when installing uninterrupted power supply (UPS).  UPS is required in any building that cannot afford to lose power, telecom, or utilities. Common examples are Data Centers, Jails, Water Treatment Plants, Manufacturing Facilities, Hospitals, Schools.  

They also can be directly buried or DB.  DB duct banks are just duct banks that are backfilled with dirt vs using concrete.

There are different types of duct bank spacers, but the most common are called chairs or intermediate and base spacers.  These spacers require you to snap together, band or tie.  They are very tedious and often snap under the pressure of the concrete. 

many conduits assembled with duct bank spacers will stay firmly in place during a concrete pour
custom duct bank spacers and conduits are stacked at a job site ready for assembly onsite
an arrangement of duct spacers supporting curved conduits with Trenchsafe Duct Spacers logo



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